Women from the 1920 Poll Tax List

Is there a Suffragist in Your Family?

This list contains contains information about the women on the 1920 poll tax list who have been located on the 1920 Census and/or the 1920 Houston City Directory. The sources of the data shown on the list are:

Column Name Sources and/or Definition
Prefix Poll tax list
Surname Poll tax list
Maiden_Name Census and other sources
First_Name_Poll_Tax Poll tax list
Middle_Name_Poll_Tax Poll tax list
Poll Tax List Image No.  Page number on images of 1920 poll tax list
First_Name Most likely first name of woman from poll tax, census, and other sources
Middle_Name Most likely first name of woman from poll tax, census, and other sources
Womans_Age Census
Marital_Status Census
Race Census
Womans_Occupation_Census Occupation and place of employment from census
Womans_Occupation_Other Occupation from Houston City Directory
Husbands_Name Census
Husbands_Occupation Occupation and place of employment from census
Home_Owned_or_Rented Census
If_Owned_Free_or_Mortgaged Census
House_Number Census or Houston City Directory; corrected addresses in []
Street_Name_1920 Census or Houston City Directory
Street_Name_2020 Street name in 2020 if different from Street_Name_1920
Township An administrative division of a county; from census
Incorp_Place Name of city or town; from census or Houston City Directory
Ward Political geographic divisions of city similar to city council districts; from census
Enum_Dist The geographic area assigned to a census taker; from census
Voting_Precinct A division of a county for voting traditionally containing one polling place; from census
Additional_Information_about_Woman Additional information about woman

Rows may be filtered by entering a search string in the box at the top of the column. For Surnames, Streets, and Incorporated Places, rows are filtered by selecting one or more search strings from the selection presented in the box.